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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12: Top 16: Week 5 Game Thread

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Vougioukas, once again isn't that good overall. But he's incredible in the low post. You must not be watching any PAO games to keep disputing this. It is either a basket or a foul down there.

Pekovic isn't better than Batiste on offense. You are exaggerating. Pekovic is better than Batiste in the low post.

Batiste has a long range jumper, better mid range game, better face up game, he's an equal finisher, and he's significantly better on the pick and roll.

No, honestly, I say this with true sincerity, no way in hell is Pekovic better than Batiste on offense. Maric? No.

I am starting to think that you only watch Partizan and CSKA games.
I didnt said Vougioukas isnt good in low post , I said he isnt better than Pekovic and Sofo in the low post . Batiste knows more ways to score but Pekovic and Maric can score more points . Yes I watched PAO and I think Oly is better than them this year .
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