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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12: Top 16: Week 5 Game Thread

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Maric and Pekovic are not better scorers than Batiste. Batiste would have been getting 18 a game in Partizan too.

Be objective. Maric and Pekovic did not ever score anywhere near the amount of points in PAO that they did with Partizan. It's a A LOT easier to score points on a team with 4-5 good players than on one with 12-14 good players.

Pekovic an Maric were secondary options to Batiste in PAO. It's not like Obradovic was trying to lose on purpose.

Personally, yes, Vougioukas is indeed better than Sofo and Pekovic in the low post. I think he's stronger than either of them, he has better post moves than either of them, and he plays even more physical than either of them.

Every game this year in Euroleague, teams have ALL ended up simply employing hack a Ian. That's all they can do. They just simply start fouling him every time he touches the ball because they can't stop him in the low post.

Vougioukas can't do much other than low post scoring, grabbing rebounds in his area, and blocking shots in the paint. Other than that he's pretty useless and he can only be used in a slow down half court set.

But, the guy is BEAST in the low post. I've seen EVERY single game of Pekovic in Panathinaikos, and he isn't as good in the low post as Vougioukas is.
I watched 5 or 6 PAO games this season and I never seen Vougioukas play like you describe him . I will watch him carfuly in Greek cup to see if you are right but I dont belive you are . Partizan played in F4 when Maric played so you cant say he played in a bad team . Why were Pekovic and Maric in all euroleague team in the last years and Batiste wasnt .
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