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Default Re: Lee/Pierce for Dirk

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
I haven't kept up with Pierce at all, and I know he's older and susceptible to injury and rest...what do you think?
You are an asshole for making me do this cause I was too lazy to do it at first:
Stats for Feb since all of these guys had a bad start:
Dirk: 24/8.5/2 1.4 3pt 46%FG 85%FT
Lee: 21/10/3 50%FG 80%FT
Pierce: 17.5/5/5.5 1.4 3pt 1.5 St 40%FG 84%FT

You get all you lose with giving up Dirk back and then some and you get to drop an injured streaky FA type player that you had to drop anyway.
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