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Default Re: Noah, Durant and Oden

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Haslem doesn't block shots and he can hit the 5 footer, he's nowhere near as long or athletic as Oden relying instead on muscle (which Noah lacks). As bigs they have very little in common beyond hustle (and Noah plays with more energy) and coming out of the University of Florida.
The hustle, energy, and rebounding makes Joakim Noah who he is. It isn't that he scores a lot, because he doesn't. Noah is overrated because people are in love with his energy, and hustle. The fact that Florida has won two straight has given him a lot of national attention, as well as a lot of love that he normally wouldn't get. Big men on the big stage that can run without tripping on themselves are overrated, and GMs make that same mistake every year. Tyrus Thomas, Marvin Williams, and Adam Morrisson are prior examples, Noah and Durant will be the next two. Durant is going to be good, but he is no LeBron.
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