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Default Re: Shaq: "Steve Nash is my boy, but not a 2 time MVP"

Originally Posted by Shade8780
Nash deserved it in 2005 but definitely not '06. Kobe was averaging 35 PPG!
You're half right. Nash definitely didn't deserve the MVP in 2005 either.

His numbers:
15.5 ppg, 11.5 ass.

Do those look like MVP numbers to you? They were far and away the weakest in the modern era.

In 1984-85, Isiah averaqed 21.2 ppg & 13.9 assists. Why didn't he get the MVP?

And don't talk about how he was "responsible" for the Suns' turnaround. He was A factor, but that was a team that had been decimated by injury and dissension the year before, that was completely underperformed and was ready for a breakout season -- no matter who the point guard was.

The fact is it should have been like this:

2005 MVP: Shaq
2006 MVP: Kobe

Problem of awarding MVPs to undeserving players solved.

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