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Default Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?

It's an interesting article, but I don't think anyone on here thinks Knight was completely NBA ready yet. Sure he's going to get better with time. As for the whole Stuckey thing.... Stuckey loves playing with Knight. We have a really solid young back court.

I've been saying all along we need another solid draft to be a team that can compete. That's why I get so frustrated with these winning streaks Monroe seems like the type who's going to stay here for a while so right now I'm not scared of the whole sign and trade thing. It's not like we would get a superstar in return for Knight anyway. The article makes it sound like we can package him up and get a Dwight Howard in return, lol. I'm sure Joe D. would do that in a heartbeat! Why trade someone for a player that is mediocre? The worst thing you can be in the NBA is a mediocre team. The last thing I want is a Pistons team that is .500. You don't get good draft picks that way, and you definitely don't win titles. We just need our young guys to keep playing and getting experience and we need a top 3 pick in the draft.....
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