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Default Re: Personally, I would like to see LeBron

Originally Posted by jrong
I'm glad Wade makes a convenient prop in your LeBron fantasy. Tell me, in your envisioned scenario, is his injury career-ending or does it just take him out for this year? Is he never the same again or does he recover?

I think the best storyline would be if you get hurt this year. Because there's probably something you're good at in life, but maybe you're also standing in the way of somebody else reaching the full potential of glory they could achieve in the same activity.

So I'm sure you won't mind that, on behalf of that whoever that person is, that I wish for physical damage to befall your body. You know, just so they get their own chance to stand in the spotlight all by themselves.

And if it so happens that your body has already sustained a pattern of damage and increasing the amount of damage that it has suffered may ruin your ability to excel in this activity, that's still the best outcome, right? Because it makes the best storyline.....

Glad someone posted this. People in general need to realize what they're posting before they post it - casually remarking that a serious injury to LeBron's friend and teammate would be the juiciest victory?
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