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Default Re: Personally, I would like to see LeBron

Originally Posted by maybeshewill13
Did you just choose to forget how many years Lebron stayed at Cleveland, trying to win a championship? Like he said, Jordan did the same thing, but the difference was the front office of Chicago managed to eventually surround him with the calibre of players needed to win a ring.

Lebron never got that. It's ok, I get that you may be a little insecure about the fact that Lebron may win a lot of rings and then be ranked above Kobe in the GOAT discussions.

I've got no allegiance to Lebron, just calling it how it is.

why always blame lebronze teamates? they won 60+ games for 2 seasons, the whole cleveland team was built around lebron.

and if the heat can't win it this year. they can NEVER win. this season is meant for them. but I hope the OKC beat them. will be more fun to see the heats chasing than winning.
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