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Default Re: Personally, I would like to see LeBron

Originally Posted by SwooshReturns
And only went to Washington because Krause, like a jealous / egotistical tool bag, wouldn't give MJ a job in the Bulls organization.

He went to Washington, not to ring chase (he was offered a roster spot on the Lakers when PJ took over in 2000, and he would've been the third option and potentially could have won 3 - 4 more rings to add up his total to 9 or 10 chips for giggles, but he didn't want to diminish his ALPHA legacy)

The man was so competitive, that at 39 and 40, after been retired for 3 years, after a career ending knee injury, comes back again because he feels he has something to prove against a generation of stars almost HALF his age. And does quite well holding his own, and in some cases out playing men half his age, with a lot more athletic ability.

Now THAT is a warrior. LeBron and Jordan aren't comparable. LeBron is a weak minded, yearning to be liked, twitter generation homo. Jordan had heart, loyalty, guts, and competitive desire. None of which describes character and intangibles that LeBron James has inside of him.

Exactly, totally different circumstances. Pippen wasn't the "all star caliber Pippen" everyone thinks of in their minds until late 1990. Until then he was just a slightly above average player. MJ carried them from 1985 - 1990. That's a five to six year stretch without a significant amount of help.

In fact Pippen wouldn't have become the player he became if it wasn't for MJ's influence and competitive nature rubbing off on him EVERYDAY in practice, going head to head.

Did MJ complain and make HILARIOUS comments about his teammates? Sure.

Did MJ bolt on the town that drafted him when they couldn't beat the Pistons 2 - 3 years in a row? No.

Did MJ beg to join Bird's Celtics and form a SUPER SQUAD? No.

Was Chicago MJ's hometown? No ... but he ended up making them his second home, through complete LOYALTY and hard work.


Prime reason why LeBron DOESN'T deserve a ring. Beyond his blunders everywhere else as well. He had a chance last year, with SUPER SQUAD and his own failing on the big stage caused the team to self destruct and lose.

He took the easy way and STILL didn't get it done. That's karma, my friends. He will get it though, that team is too good not to do so ... and this year they are even MORE stacked.

Little did he realize if he fought, scratched and clawed in Cleveland ... everyone would ADORE him. If he won just 1 ring there, it would've been LEGENDARY. Equal to 3 or 4 rings piggy backing a fellow MVP caliber player and an elite power forward.

What a haymaker to LeClown fans.
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