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Default Re: Noah, Durant and Oden

Originally Posted by GothamKnight
Noah is WAY overrated

He's 22 years old btw. He will be a another Varejeo. Not a bad thing, but still. He won't be as good as Kurt Thomas imo

thank you, I can't stand watching him play. Just something about him. The way he acts after he makes a block or even scores a point. He always has to scream or yell, make some kind of "ME" statement, once Noah is in the NBA he's going to get Dominated.

he's so overrated it's not even funny. He has little offensive game from what I've seen, which isn't much but all I see him doing on SportsCenter is yelling and screaming like a little girl. Which is very annoying.

Plus him playing with FL helped him out, since he wasn't really asked to do too much.

I just can't wait till he's in the NBA, he'll be out so FAST, I hope at least hahaa
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