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Default Re: All-Star 2012: NBA Slam Dunk Contest discussion thread

Originally Posted by donald_trump
some serious hate in here.
what more can the guys do? there was a lot of good dunks here that just go unappreciated.

derrick williams had a nice windmill over a bike. then a 360 off the side of the board. what exactly sucked about that?
budinger jumped over p-diddy. what is crappy about that?
then you have a guy dunking two balls off an alley oop, and on top of that a karl malone pose while jumper over someone?
then paul george, with a sick dunk every round. jumping over a 7 footer... what more do people really want?

There were actually some really nice dunks in here. But I think all the misses really took the excitement away from the dunk once it was completed and Derrick Williams' blunder really ended the contest on a bad note
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