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Default Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by millwad
And if he actually used to "dunk" it from the FT-line, just show me one source with some kind of clip or picture that can prove it.
Originally Posted by millwad
All I'm asking for is one actual clip or any kind of footage that proves that Wilt even could dunk from the FT-line. I'm not even talking about how it looked when he was going to "shoot" them FT's, in general, when did Wilt ever dunk from the FT-line? And no quote...

The NCAA Coach's Committee Proposal For 1956 NCAA Rule Changes
March 24, 1956
(Nationally Circulated Story)

Near the end of the 1955-56 NCAA season, the Coaches Committee appears to have organized, and voted on taking 4 new rule change suggestions too the next level up (The Rules and Regulations Committee) in the hopes for some new changes that would further diminish the dominance of athletic big men in college basketball. This curtails 2 rule changes that were made the prior season to address the big man dominance of Bill Russell and the other (now forgotten) NCAA stud at the time Bill Uhl. Both of whom were graduating in the next few months - these new rules are quietly focused on the up and coming NCAA big man, Wilt Chamberlain. Highlighted, is 2 rule proposals that are important to note. Releasing the ball from behind the free throw line, and no inbound passes above the backboard.

Two days later: Basketball Rules and Regulations Committee Approves Rule Changes
March 26, 1956
(Nationally Circulated Story)

Highlighted: Another rules change says no player may have his foot into the free throw lane when a free throw is attempted until the ball hits the cylinder or backboard. Previously a player could leap into the lane so long as his foot did not touch the floor until the ball hit the cylinder or backboard. "This caused some cheating" said Hayes. "The man on the free throw line would leap into the air and dunk the ball in."
Interestingly, although they mention Wilt directly in the beginning of this article there is still no specification as to who the cheating free throw dunker/'s is/are. But they definitely are convinced one/some exists. Who could he/they be?... Some of those "unathletic white guys" of that era? Hmmm....

Eight Months Later, A Northwest Ohio Newspaper Runs A Story That Reveals The Previously Unspecified Free Throw Dunker
November 28, 1956
The Toledo Blade

The Devil is in the details... And now we've got some. It looks like a fellow by the name of Tex Winter (the coach at Kansas State) was the first man to complain of Wilt Chamberlain dunking free throws to the Coaches Committee.
It seems Wilt has an unorthodox method of shooting free throws. The big guy takes aim at the basket from several feet behind the line. Then he takes about three giant steps, leaves his feet before reaching the line, and stuffs the ball through the hoop. Under the old rule, it was perfectly legal as Wilt never touched the floor before letting go of the ball. In addition his percentage was fantastic. "Why, he would have had a free throw percentage of 100," said [Tex] Winter. "He never missed." Incidentally the rules committee did not mention Chamberlain by name as a reason for the change. The rule change was made, according to the committee, "to prevent freak activity."

The closest image that exists that shows him taking off near the free throw line. No, of course this isn't the same as the described NCAA free-throw line dunks. Sorry - it's just the next best thing to show he can dunk and leap from near a free throw line. As much as people think photographic or video proof should exist - for w/e reason photographers decided not take pictures of Wilt "fooling around" in the gym as an ineligible freshmen. Which I'm about to touch base on in the next historical piece of information:

Thirty-Three Years Later, Wilt, For The First Time In His Life, Publicly Makes Mention That He Used To Dunk Free Throws As A Freshman In College
Los Angeles Times
February 12, 1989

"When I was a freshman, I fooled around with shooting free throws this way: For some reason, I thought you had to stay within the top half of that free-throw circle, so I would step back to just inside the top of the circle, take off from behind the line and dunk. They outlawed that, but I wouldn't have done it in a game, anyway. I was a good free throw shooter in college."
Actually he was a 62% free throw shooter, which is poor except in comparison to his 51% as a pro.

Yes, this is the first time Wilt ever even publicly mentions free-throw dunks. Seeing as how he lived in Kansas and how internet newspaper archive's didn't exist from 1956-1989, do you think Wilt ever read the "Toledo Blade"s November 28th 1956 article that mentioned Tex Winter's eye-witness account of Wilt dunking free throws? Why does Wilt state that he only fooled around with doing it as a freshmen in college, isn't that a rather fitting, and specific piece of information based on the previous independent pieces of evidence? ... And does that specific information not tie in eerily perfect with what Tex Winter's is about to say in the very next interview?:

Fifty-Five Years Later Tex Winter Recalls His Eyewitness Account In Detail In An Interview About Coaching Against Wilt Chamberlain
BBall Breakdown
August 1st, 2011
Literally, almost word for word what he says perfectly matches every event that previously was recorded in history. Wilt and Tex never personally met. Wilt and the majority of basketball fans probably never had access to the Toledo Blade unless they lived in Northwest Ohio. Yet all of this is making incredibly good sense, and is spot on, including side-note information like Tex shedding light on why other rule changes made plays illegal such as lobbing the ball over the backboard to Chamberlain on inbound plays. There aren't any holes in the evidence of this at all.

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