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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by mrpibb
The amount of Wilt hate on this board is hilarious. I'm sure Deuce Bigalow will come in with some skewed statistics within the next ten hours. Because that's all Deuce does -- attack players.

It's not hating on Wilt, most fans here consider him at least top 5 all time with some who puts him in the GOAT status. Me personally I dislike how his stans would believe everything they read or hear about him and preach it as gospel.

Also regarding Tex Winter's interview, he said Wilt wasn't on top of the circle but was 3 steps behind it. So at minimum, if Wilt could dunk his free throw he would need at least 4-5 steps to get to the line since he was 3 steps behind the circle. It might be possible but highly unlikely.

Also in that Wilt statement, he said he was inside the circle in dunking his free throw. Being inside the circle and taking 3 small steps to dunk the free throw is entirely different from being 3 steps behind the circle as Tex described. So which is which?
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