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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

And Wilts Ft issue wasnt skill based. By most reports he shot them fine in practice. Just like Shaq. We have all see Shaq wet FTs over and over working out. His issue like Wilt...was mental. They had Wilt seeing psychiatrists and shit.

Like Nick Anderson after the finals disaster. He would shy away from taking Fts. miss them at unusual rates even though he could shoot his ass off. Guy shot like 40% from the Ft line one year but he was wetting 25 footers with defenses trying to stop it all day.

Fts are funny. Its rare a guy just lacks the skill to make them if they put in any work. And Wilt worked. shaq worked. Nick kept trying to get his shot right.

But you cant practice enough to just beat that mental block. And all the practice and tips and doctors and hate grows and guys get even worse at te line.

Its rarely about skill on high levels.
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