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Default Re: All-Star 2012: NBA Slam Dunk Contest discussion thread

Originally Posted by Dictator
Paul George should have easily won this.....

360 reverse bseline windmill
jump over 7'2 dunk
reverse baseline windmill while placing a sticker at the other end

Paul got robbed
I feel as though he robbed himself. The 360 windmill was in complete darkness with insufficient glow. It wasn't as solid as Vince Carter's and we could hardly see it. I didn't even know if he made it. Unfortunately, I think the gimmick overshadowed the dunk, just as it did on other player's slams. A lot of folks were more worried about the lights than the slam itself.

The leap over Hibbert was clearly boost-enhanced. Further, it took numerous attempts. Sometimes, a couple of attempts is alright if the crowd is buzzing from the insanity they think is about to ensue. However, leaping over a player while using a hand on their shoulder to ensure clearance while providing a boost is something everyone has seen before, even if Roy Hibbert is 7'2''. As a critic would say, Vince Carter did that dunk over a guy the same height, while he was facing him, during Olympic play, on his first attempt.

The baseline 360 was damned by the insane amount of attempts. Again, the gimmick honestly distracted me from the dunk itself. Virtually the entire time, I was first wondering what was in his hand. Then, once I saw him fail, I was more concerned about what would happen if he pasted the sticker but missed the slam. Would he just leave the sticker up there? Would there be a backboard of Larry Bird stickers before he was finished? Did the adhesive on the subsequent Bird stickers have to be prepared? Was he going to make the random assistant peel off the back? Even sans props, the dunk lost its luster after the 3rd attempt or so. At that point, finishing the dunk brought about more of a, "Yay, we're a little glad you finally did it" response than a "Whoa! Sweet!" reaction.
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