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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by jlauber
Completely false.

In Wilt's historic 61-62 season, he not only a decent .613 from the line, he MADE 835 FTs, which is the SECOND greatest season in NBA HISTORY, and only five less than Jerry West's 840 in '65. Oh, and BTW, how about Wilt in his 100 point game... 28-32 from the line.

61% from the FT-line is still crap...
And yeah, great, now you're mentioning ONE game as a proof, what about his 1-11 FT performance in the NBA FINALS.. HAHA..

Originally Posted by jlauber
And, as we KNOW, Chamberlain is WAY AHEAD of BOTH Hakeem in FTs MADE, even though Hakeem played four more seasons. And, how about this...Wilt MADE 2000 more FTs in his career, than Larry Bird!

Please, can't you mention that Wilt made more FT's then Bird a little more often? Haha, what's the point of fouling an 88% FT-shooter you idiot.. And Hakeem was MUCH better from the line compared to the sucker Wilt.

ANd now when we're at it, you spam about how Wilt made more FT's then Bird. Lets look at it like this instead, Bird missed 511 FT's during his whole freaking career, Wilt only in his '62 season missed 528 FT's. So Wilt missed more FT's in one season then what Bird did during his whole career. Eat a dick, Jlauber..

Originally Posted by jlauber
In any case, Wilt's IMPACT at the LINE was HUGE. His team's either led the league, or were close, every season he played. His '67 76ers were MILES away from the next team.

Especially in the finals a la 1-11 shooting from the line..
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