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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW

Oh your Mr. "TAKE WILT LITERALLY!" All of the sudden!?

Wilt exaggerated Sherlock. Surely this can't be news to you!? - If it is you have a selective memory..... It seems in any other situation you wouldn't hesitate to point this out.

Tex on the other hand, inventor of the Triangle Offense, told sh!t like it was, rarely with a sense of humor. And his version of the story in 1956, and 2011 both offered a perfect and detailed description of Wilt taking 3 steps.

Believing what Wilt says word for word is NOT good practice. Believing what someone else says two different occassion's that line's up chronologically with the gist of what Wilt says is absolutely plauible.
Stop being retarded

That's why we whom jlauber love to call "wilt haters" don't believe all of Wilt's stories. Most are just tall tales.

You're pretty funny actually since it is you who posted what Wilt said as your argument and proof of his claim. Who's retarded now? Me who questioned the inconsistency or you who posted the tall tale as proof?
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