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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
When wilt says top of the circle, does this mean the 3 point line? I just don't see how that's humanly possible.

Take what Wilt says with a grain of salt. He also claimed 20,000 women because he likes to embellish stories (Which is not the same as making things up from scratch). Wilt probably f*cked a lot of women, and all the evidence suggests Wilt dunked free throws at least once in front of the scouting eyes of Tex Winter as a freshmen - what he says and what Tex saw as far as the freshman season goes, lines up perfectly.

For the literal description, listen to Tex Winter's account for how he did it.

Wilt took 3 strides, took off (jumped) from behind the line and dunked the ball.

Which coincidentally enough is exactly the same as his high-jump take off technique. - If all he needs is 3 steps to win High-Jump events and championships, than 3 steps is all he needs to free throw dunk exactly as how Tex Describes it in detail. Not how Wilt recalls it. Wilt is the same guy who recalls 20,000 women. Don't take him word for word just take the gist of his story and use it as a means to back up what Tex says.

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