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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by jlauber
Wilt was not only 7-1 (actually probably 7-2) with a measured 7-8 wingspan, but he was also a CHAMPION HIGH JUMPER (doing so PART-TIME, and with poor technique) as well as a competitive LONG JUMPER, TRIPLE JUMPER, and SPRINTER at KU.

We also have this footage...

Now, Dickwad USED to demand VIDEO footage (even though there was very little of ANY footage back then), and now we have EXACTLY that. A VIDEO, in which a Wilt has little time to react, and has to go straight-up (no running start), and his fingertips are clearly near the top of the backboard.

We also have the highly respected Philly sports icon, Sonny Hill, who witnessed Chamberlain touching the top of the backboard, as well as longtime Sixer trainer Al Domenico also making that claim.

THEN, we have the VIDEO conversation in which TEX WINTER claims that Wilt was dunking his FT's, AND, multiple NEWSPAPER accounts, AT THE TIME, which verified it.

Just what in the hell more does Dickwad need???

He also laughed at my assertion that Wilt had a good outside shot (using a FT attempt by a Wilt, late in his career, as some kind of "evidence".) And yet, we not only a HOF coach claiming that Wilt did INDEED have a good outsdie shot, we are now getting more-and-more in game footage in which Wilt is CLEARLY hitting a variety of shots from 15+ feet, including JUMP SHOTS.

Still, Dickwad doesn't believe (well, he doesn't WANT to believe it.)
But there is a HUGE difference between the long jump and high jump. Long jumpers need to build up momentum. Dunking a ft would be similar to a long jump. I dont see how he could do that with three small steps. Inside the circle.
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