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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by jlauber
Look, you have OVERWHELMING PROVED Wilt was dunking his FTs, and at worst, he did so with a leap that NO other legitimate NBA player ever has.

Now, the onus is on the "anti-Chamberlain" clan to supply evidence which DISPUTES your well established claims. They NEVER do, nor will they EVER do it.

Once again, we have HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of accounts of Wilt's amazing physical skills, and yet we don't have ONE LEGITIMATE source that actually was around Wilt in his lifetime, that DISPUTES them. How come????

So then care to explain why Wilt claims he could dunk from inside the FT circle when Tex said he started behind the circle?

Also a 70%FT shooter is not somewhat better than a 50% FT shooter, 20% is a big difference. Wilt IS a terrible free throw shooter according to stats. I do agree however that stats can be very deceiving when taking circumstances in consideration.
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