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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by Asukal
So then care to explain why Wilt claims he could dunk from inside the FT circle when Tex said he started behind the circle?

Also a 70%FT shooter is not somewhat better than a 50% FT shooter, 20% is a big difference. Wilt IS a terrible free throw shooter according to stats. I do agree however that stats can be very deceiving when taking circumstances in consideration.

cuz Wilt like'd to add whipped cream and a cherry on top of his stories

c'mon dude quit playing dumb you know damn well this shit makes perfect sense exactly how Tex described it. What Wilt says only curtails as support that this occurred stop taking Wilt's words literally when I KNOW you've called him a liar before in the past. Tex is the man that tells the story. What does Tex say. That's what probably happened - and it probably happened exactly how he described it and not like how Wilt described it. Use your brain.

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