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Default Re: Suggestions for the Dunk contest

Originally Posted by shallehalle
Ok, after writing these suggestions, i want a job at organizing NBA dunk contest events:

1) NBA should put a list of dunkers who are willing to participate in the dunk contest (for exmple, 10-12 dunkers are willing to participate in the dunk contest event) and then let fans vote and decide who should enter
2) NBA should bring back the old day system - 6 dunkers
3) First round should be like in 2000 - each contestant has to make 3 dunks and 2 best dunks count (each player has 2min to complete a dunk, and then 2 more tries, because we will be able to see each player give their best), then 3 dunkers advance and have to make 2 dunks
4) No more fans voting (only voting 6 dunkers they want to see participate)
5) Bring the judges back and they should be able to see the replay, so there will be no more robberies (2007 dunk contest, when judges didn't understand Howards sticker dunk)
6) No more Kenny Smith commenting the dunk contest on the court (let players have their own), instead bring Kenny back to TNT with Chuck and others.
7) Attract more sponsors, 1st place takes it all - 1million $.

You will see a MAJOR improvement!

Pretty much covered everything. Fan voting is a joke.

Kinda off topic but a couple of my suggestions for last night contest... If your going to do a glow in the dark dunk you need to have you, the ball, and the basket glowing.... For the kevin hart dunk i think it would of been better if he had Hart stand by the baseline and start running towards him. then right before they collide jump over him while hes throwing mail in the air....
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