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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by Asukal
Dude, I'm talking to jlauber. Since he believe everything Wilt said, maybe he can explain the inconsistency.

First of all, I don't believe everything Wilt claimed. BUT, much of what he gets "credit" for, he did NOT claim. The famous "mountain lion" story, was a second hand account, and NOT directly given by Chamberlain. The famous "broken toe" story was NEVER attributed to Wilt. It was, in fact, claimed by the very person to whom it supposedly occurred.

The "20,000" women? Wilt regretted that claim, and in fact, he pulled that number from a fiend who ran a hotel in which Wilt stayed for 10 days. According to the story, the man counted 23 different women going to Wilt's room in that 10 day stay. Wilt was 48 at the time. He multipled 2.3 women per day, times 30 years (Wilt from 18-48.)

In any case, it was WELL-KNOWN that women FLOCKED to Wilt (and NOT the other way around.) Nate Thurmond told the story, that, after a practice, Wilt asked him what he was going to do that night. Thurmond told him that he was probably going to catch a Kim Novak movie. According to Nate, Wilt told him that he had a better idea. They jumped into Wilt's car (Bentley I believe), and drove awhile. They pulled up to a secluded home, and lo-and-behold, out comes Kim Novak. (BTW, just google her...she was beautiful.) And there were MANY more stories of Wilt's "companions" many of them among the hottest women at the time.

As for the rest...the 500 lb. bench...WAY too many accounts to believe that this was some kind of fabrication. Same with dunking on a 12 ft rim, or touching the top of the backboard, or dunking from the FT line. There was enough physical evidence, including VIDEO footage of amazing leaps by Chamberlain, as well as the well known fact that Wilt was a multi-event track star, who won high-jumping championships (all while doing it part-time and with poor technique.) And why would I NOT believe Sonny Hill or Tex Winter?

Here again, provide me with something concrete that DISPUTES most of these so-called "myths."
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