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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by PTB Fan
I don't know why Wilt was such a bad FT shooter.

Looking at his college days, he had a pretty solid form. I'd say that he could have shot 60% from the line.. but for some reason, he couldn't connect on that much for his career.

87.5% the night he scored 100
63.6% in 1961-62 NBA playoffs
62.7% his freshmen NCAA season
61.3% in 1961-62 NBA season
60.6% his sophomore NCAA season

Compare with his career lows:

38.0% in 1967-68 NBA season
38.0% in 1967-68 NBA playoffs
38.8% in 1966-67 NBA playoffs
39.2% in 1968-69 NBA playoffs

Its most likely all just psychological - nothing physical was barring his ft% He has long stretches of hot and cold that seem miles apart
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