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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by taucesays
Yes. Except that the stories also say he was a champion 100m runner. Long jump is about speed and explosion. You're claiming he has those. You can't have it both ways.

No the stories don't say that at all

They all say he was an accomplished, multi-event track athlete. And he was.

100 meter sprints - and explosiveness for long/triple/high jump = same thing.... explosive.
4.6 40 - barefoot. - Clocked by Kansas City Chief's coach Hank Strom.

And again, realize that this is what small men pull for sprint times. Yet - Wilt is 290lbs and over 7'1" tall... seeeeeeeeeeeee? U seeing it now? No his accomplishments aren't inhuman. But his size + accomplishments ARE "inhuman" if that's the way you wanna look at it. It's just never been like that before, nobody his size has really been that athletic.

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