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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by taucesays
My point is that all of the verifiable information we have about Wilts feats places him squarely within the human realm. The premise of this thread is that Wilt could do a 3 stutter step dunk from inside the top half of the free throw circle. Someone also mentioned that he had a standing long jump of 22'. My claim is that and a lot of other stories about him are utter bullish*t. He was definitely a top athlete abnormality. I would place him on the level of Usain Bolt, LeBron, and Michael Phelps. That doesn't mean everything you hear about him is true.

Just think about it for a second... What do you get when you combine Track and Field agility of a small person, with a with a wingspan and standing reach greater/equal to a Yao Ming sized person.....

(A guy who could FT dunk in 3 strides)

Look at the size of his strides and his acceleration from a dead standstill. Yah, 3 step free throw dunks are definitely not possible with other known people who are his size. Nor other smaller people with his agility. But it's possible with him because he has both.
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