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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by Asukal
See? He actually believe Wilt could dunk from inside the circle...

I'm done with your so called facts.

You are among those "anti-Chamberlain" folks here who go out of their way to disparage Wilt's accomplishments.

As for the FT Line dunk story...much like his mythical vertical leap...I really don't care about the minute details. You see, I have been on this forum for over 2 years now, and when I came on board, the "Chamberlain-bashers" laughed at any discussion on Wilt's accomplishments. Any mention of an incredible vertical, or a mammoth bench press was met with..."Where is the footage." Which, as KBlaze and other's here have pointed out, did not exist for even some of the most major events that occurred in those years. Hell, we don't even have any footage of Wilt's 100 point game (although we DO have the radio broadcast of the 4th quarter.)

And, those "Wilt-detractors" always felt secure because, deep down, they knew that none existed. Well guess what? In the last few months, VIDEO FOOTAGE has suddenly surfaced, and we now have a Wilt block that INDISPUTABLY depicts Wilt's fingertips within a fraction of the top of the backboard. And keep in mind that, one, Wilt had no time to react; two, he only has a split-second to go straight up; three, he blocks the shot with his off-hand; and four, he is accomplishing this feat in a fast-paced game that surely would have drained something from him.

What is even more comical about that VIDEO footage, is that in the last few weeks, Sports Science came out with an episode in which Dwight Howard edges the so-called "record" set by Shaq at a draft combine, of 12' 5". And, Dwight is well-rested, gets two attempts, and has a full running start, and with his normal hand. With all of those benefits, he STILL didn't reach the REAL mark, at least by any LEGITIMATE NBA player, of Chamberlain in that video. CLEARLY, from everything seen in that VIDEO, Wilt would have been capable of MORE. Give a well-rested Wilt two explosive attempts, and with a running start, and his right hand fully extended, and there is now NO DOUBT, that Wilt was capable of touching the top of the backboard.

Of course, we had the EYE-WITNESS accounts of Sonny Hill, a well respected Philly sports icon, who obviously was around in the Wilt-era, and long-time Sixer trainer, Al Domenico, that were claiming Chamberlain accomplished that exact feat in the 60's.

And while the "anti-Chamberlain" clan were laughing at ANYTHING Chamberlain was credited with, most all of them were completely respectful of the claims of Bill Russell. Well, guess what again? Russell came out and said that he had his eyes at rim level. And no, I am not disputing that, either, BUT, clearly, if Russell could have accomplished that, then Wilt was easily capable of it. In any case, the general consensus by the players at the time, were that BOTH Russell and Wilt were touching the top of the backboard. And we now have VIDEO footage which confirms that Chamberlain would have easily accomplished it.

And, back to the OP, and again since I have been here, the "FT Line Dunk" story was ripped by those with their "anti-Wilt" agenda. It was impossible, and it never happened. Well, we still don't have VIDEO footage (but here again, given the times, why would we?), BUT, we suddenly have the VIDEO conversation with well-respected Tex Winter, who was so well respected that he was in charge of the Rules Committee at the time, who claims that he witnessed Chamberlain, taking three steps, and dunking the ball from a FT line leap. And, on top of that, Cavalier fan has also pulled NEWSPAPER ARTICLES from that period, which confirm exactly that. So, this was not something that just surfaced, but was in FACT, well known AT THE TIME.

I was also among those that claimed that Wilt had a good outside game (I actuall SAW games in which Wilt was hitting shots from 15+ feet), BUT, since we had very little VIDEO footage, I was ripped here by the "Wilt-disparagers." One well-known "Wilt-hater" put together a two-minute "highlight" video, covering portions of two of Wilt's playoff games that did have video footage, and of course, he deliberately edited out Wilt's better shots. But even then, in his agenda-driven obsession to disparage Wilt, Chamberlain STILL went 8-13 from the floor in that "highlight video." Once again, though, he edited only the worst of Wilt's moves and shots.

Well, lo-and-behold, thanks to someone going with the moniker of DanTheMan, we now have SEVERAL college games on VIDEO, one of them a complete game, in which Wilt is CLEARLY making shots from 15+ feet, including a jump shot from the above the FT line. These were not some RANDOM, ISOLATED shots that Wilt in his career, but, in fact, were ROUTINE SHOTS that he was taking in full games. Even Wilt's FT's look respectable (which, BTW, Wilt claimed in his autobiography...that he was a decent FT shooter in college, and in his early NBA years.)

I also claimed that Wilt was ROUTINELY blocking Kareem's skyhook. Well, we have VIDEO footage in which an older and heavier Wilt, and probably a year removed from major knee surgery (he only battled Kareem in one of their 28 H2H games before his knee injury) blocks not one, but TWO of the "unblockable" skyhooks, and within a span of seconds. Of course, Julizaver, who is probably the most used source in the actual H2H games, had Wilt with a known 24 blocks on Kareem, and in only five of their 28 H2H games (and we also have Robert Cherry with an additional five block game, bringing the known total to 29 in just six of their H2H battles.) And given the fact that Kareem was almost exclusively shooting the skyhook at the time (and let's get real here...Kareem would not have been taking other shots if Wilt couldn't block his skyhook), it is a relative certainty that I was indeed correct, and that Chamberlain was ROUTINELY blocking Kareem's skyhook. BTW, that DanThe Man is quoted as claiming that Wilt blocked 23 of Kareem's skyhooks, just in the '72 WCF's. I was on record as claiming it was 15. Here again, no matter what the actual number was, there can be no doubt that it was quite a few.

PHILA, Pointguard, myself, and some other's here, had an interesting discussion a while back regarding footage of Wilt's games. The point was, IF the NBA ever started releasing the supposed footage that exists (Bill Simmons claims to have watched video footage of a game in which Wilt scored 73 points...but, of course, he is a well-known liar, so not sure we can believe anything that idiot claims), that it would be the death-knell of the "Wilt-bashers." They would be exposed for the uneducated fools that they have been all along.

I have long maintained that if we could get our hands on just a few of Wilt's 271 40+ point games, or better yet, just a couple of Chamberlain's 118 50+ point games (actually 122, if you include his post-season games), or god forbid, even one of his 32 60+ point games, that we would have a much better view of the REAL Chamberlain. I KNOW that it would blow away the "Wilt-bashers" who have claimed that Wilt was basically a stumbling clod who just overpowered helpless 6-6 white nerds for point-blank dunks. If anything, the vast majority of Chamberlain's points came on 5-15 ft shots. Had he chosen to play like Shaq, he most certainly could have scored FAR more. Having said that, though, I have no doubt that the NBA would never have allowed it. They would have enacted more "Wilt-Only" rules, perhaps one that would have been an exclusive Wilt rule, which would have banned him from the paint altogether on the offensive end.

So, I already know that the "anti-Wilt" clan (including the idiotic Simmons) are becoming more-and-more uncomfortable, as more-and-more FOOTAGE of Chamberlain is becoming available. They can no longer just deny what so MANY who were around in the Wilt-era claimed.

Of course, even with the MOUNTAINS of evidence that exists out there now, they still refuse to believe it. And that is there sole argument (they have NOTHING else)...they refuse to believe it...even if their own eyes tell them differently.
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