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Default Re: Kobe Has A Broken Nose

at the overreaction from the Kobe fanboys. Let's look at Kobe's track record with dirty plays(just off the top of my head):

Victim #1....Raja Bell. After getting tangled with Raja during a rebound attempt Kobe throws a forearm to Raja's face bloodying his nose and lip. No suspension.

Victim #2....Mike Miller. Kobe gives a forearm to the throat. He gets a suspension here but only because he stupidly talks about "defending his house" after the game which made it sound intentional (and it was).

Victim #3...Dirk Nowitzki. Kobe goes up and does his flail-"HEY" maneuver and his elbow "accidentally" catches Dirk in the Dirk a black eye. The hilarious part about the whole thing is Dirk got the foul

Victim #4...Manu Ginobili. After a clean block from Manu, Kobe decides to unnaturally swing his arm back to Ginobili's head. Bloody nose, bloody mouth and a black eye.
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