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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by jlauber
You are among those "anti-Chamberlain" folks here who go out of their way to disparage Wilt's accomplishments.

Of course, even with the MOUNTAINS of evidence that exists out there now, they still refuse to believe it. And that is there sole argument (they have NOTHING else)...they refuse to believe it...even if their own eyes tell them differently.

1. How am I anti-Chamberlain when I respect his place among the top ATG players? If I am anti anything, that would be anti-jlauber and his unhealthy infatuation to wilt. You are just like the Kobe stans in this forum, in your eyes your idol has no flaws. You are the bruce blitz of ISH, knowledgeable but totally biased.

2. If Wilt could really dunk his FT from inside the circle, why did Tex saw a different scenario? The answer is because he couldn't, he loves to prop himself up by exaggerating his stories. Stop being blind to reality, Wilt like any other person is not without flaws. Grow up.

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