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Default Re: Kobe Has A Broken Nose

Originally Posted by Lebron23
If you want to see a stupid @$$hole just look in your mirror. You are probably 1 of the 5 posters that I really hate in this forum. You ain't funny.

Wade praised Kobe's after the All Star game. He said that he's one of the best player of all time.

I don't care what he said after the All Star Game. His actions speak louder than his words. Wade is still the little whiny bitch we all know and love.

Originally Posted by Lebron23
I am a player fan. This Flip Flopper changes his team every year. Last year he rooted for the Lakers this year he's now a loyal Clippers fan.

You really are one stupid fuck. I've been a Clipper fan since '01, and you would know this if LeBron's dick wasn't so deep down your throat. The Clippers have been my team ever since the Grizzlies left, and I can still respect the Lakers club and root for them whenever they're not playing LAC, which is more than I can say for you.
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