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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by taucesays
This is a blatant lie and simply not possible

I'm pretty sure they were talking about a long jump, or as it used to be called the running broad jump. And it got twisted over the years which was an exact example of why they changed the name to long jump.

But that kind of jump is nothing new, check out Wikipedia about the long jump....

"Most notable in the ancient sport was a man called Chionis, who in the 656BC Olympics staged a jump of 7.05 metres (23 feet and 1.7 inches)."

People haven't evolved a jot nor tittle since the Ancient Greeks and quite probably thousands of years before that... contrary to what you find all the time on internet boards.

What's changed is technology and, uhh.... "medical advances."

Look at weight lifting records and it seems like people are suddenly getting stronger.... but take away the power shirt and look at pure lifting records... and it looks like steroids. Which matches nicely with the fact that power lifters are getting busted left and right for steroid use

So anyhow you can see that 22' would be a moderate world class leap. With 3 steps (which both Tex Winter & Chamberlain himself said he used) it would not be anything surprising that Chamberlain could dunk from the free throw line.

We're talking about one of the greatest athletes in history, a guy who NFL great Jim Brown feared: "I'd rather get in the ring with Muhammad Ali than Wilt Chamberlain."

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