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Default Re: Replacements for D'Antoni

Originally Posted by franchize
I wouldn't mind Mo Cheeks or Sam Mitchell. Especially Cheeks. He's always done wonders for guards defense. He was one of the best defenders at the pg position there ever was. I think he'd have Lin and especially Shumpert making guards life a living hell.

Yeah I'd want Mo Cheeks as well.

Hes played the NBA and dealt with the worst of worst personalities as far as the Jailblazers & post-Finals appearance Iverson. We dont have any guys like that but I think he might be the guy who can get into Amare & Melo's heads and push them as individuals.

If Mo can help teach Lin how to be a better passer at the PG position then thats a major success. Honestly we could use Lin being our own version of Mo Cheeks. Look how Mo did with Irving & Barkley, well lets see Lin work well with Melo & Amare.
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