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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW

...or you could have looked at the sound fundamentals and footwork - and the soft shooting touch within 15 feet via bump-and fades or turnaround jumpers off the glass. But why would you care to acknowledge any of that. My bad. It must not be important or impressive after all every center knows that kind of stuff especially the ones that exceed Shaq in height

Or should Shaq's junk hook and his dunks be considered better skills? After-all you've got a solid 10 solid seconds of Wilt nearly losing the ball in the post - I'm sure nobody in NBA history has ever had that happen - prolly only Wilt the big clumsy oaf

You should repost that Javelle dunk attempt from the FT line in game to show us some real skill.
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