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Default Re: New Jersey Nets 2011-12 Post game thread

That was a scary game lol. When Morrow coughed it up on that last possession, I was almost certain the Mavs were gonna hit a game winner. But we played great D on that last possession.

Gerald Green was great. If hes this aggressive every game, I can see him getting signed for the rest of the season.

D-Will struggled with a great and taller defender in Shawn Marion pestering him all game. He had great passes to make up for it though.

BROOK LOPEZ IS BACK. Look unstoppable tonight. With him healthy, I can see us making a decent push for the playoffs. In March we have a pretty favorable schedule, if we win the games we're supposed to win while stealing a few games against the top teams, 8th seed?

Maybe I'm getting to ahead of myself.
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