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Default Re: ot: i need help

This is a simple problem, these guys are all giving you a hard time.

What you need to do is make a thread in the main forum and name it "Kobe's Legal Problems."

In your opening post, substitute the word "Kobe" instead of writing "I", "me," or "my wife."

Lakers fans, will come to help you ASAP.

Let me help you. This is how it should read:

okay i am an awol army soldier named the Mamba , i went awol because Kobe ended up getting cirvical cancer during my basic training, and the recruiters lied about everything. Kobe just found out the Mamba needs $2000 to get a lawyer and the Mamba can get me out, but until then there is a federal warrant out for Kobe. anybody know anything Kobe dont? or can help Kobe anyway with advice?

There you go, no post that in the main forum and all your problems will be solved. If not, you can always call miss Cleo.
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