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Originally Posted by funky2dope
the knock on him is how soft he is, as is the same on lots of Euro's his size that are exceptional offensive talents. I don't think he'll contribute anything on the boards in his rookie season, he'll have to develop that with his strength which needs major work.
He barely averaged 10ppg for his Euro club team, ain't no chance in hell he will put up OVER 10ppg in the NBA!

Another flop of a no.1 pick. Suffer Raptors fans!

The soft label is a stereotype call, he isn't as soft as everyone who is uninformed is saying. And 10ppg on the euro club he was playing on and getting about 22mpg is about 10 more ppg than skita and darko were getting in there 1mpg before they came over.

What were Dirks number like in the year he was drafted out of europe?
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