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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Bioware has betrayed us folks. I may get my money back and not buy. Apparently all 7 endings are shit. No such thing as happy ending... All bad and worse. Not gonna give spoilers, details but to put so much time into these games since 07 and have it end like shit.. Really sucks bad.

This was leaked by a script and people who have game. I understand war has no happy ending but does it have to be that depressing? It's ****ing Shepard we are talking about. Let me just say one thing. You better have both a Paragon and Renegade save file because Renegade for example will NOT have access to the Paragon endings.

If this is not a legit leak.... then forget this rant... but I'm truly worried about it after putting so much into this series.

One ray of light is that one of the first reviewers of the game said.....

"No loose ends or cliffhangers, this game is truly an appropriate end to the trilogy with a very touching and intense finale".

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