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Originally Posted by Phenith
The soft label is a stereotype call, he isn't as soft as everyone who is uninformed is saying. And 10ppg on the euro club he was playing on and getting about 22mpg is about 10 more ppg than skita and darko were getting in there 1mpg before they came over.

What were Dirks number like in the year he was drafted out of europe?

Bargnanni played on a very strong euro league team where many of the players (as well as many of the teams in europe) do not average a high amount of points or minuetes but of the coaching philosophy that you must give players as much endurance as possible. One problem with comparing players to Dirk is that he played in the German league, which was, and still is, an incredibly weak league. Dirk also struggled big time in his first season in the NBA.

The bottom line is, most the euros that flop in the NBA where because of the arrogence that NBA scouts have become. Most of the flops where players that were much younger than the 21 year olds they use to draft; they were drafted because of thier practice habits, and many did not have game expirience. This is definatly true with Skita, he never played on the main team, he just looked great in practice. Darko was the most unusal case of them all, he was very young, he starting games at the age of 16 (which is unheard of in europe) and played a decent amount of minutes. What I saw of him in Orlando, I am convinced he will have a Jermaine O'neal type of breakout season.

I think Bargnani will be fine because he is a player that fits the same mold of how he came to the NBA like Pau Gasol did when he came out in 2001. He was 21, played on a big time euro team, that played a solid amount of minutes, but not the big time minutes you expect like players in the U.S. do.
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