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Default Re: OT: AS Roma Versus Manchester United Champions League Play Airing Right Now On ES

Originally Posted by orfeomorfeo-ita
Yep... you're right.. and then there were thos guys.. don't remember where they where from.. that during a final killed almost 40 fans of the other team by stamping on them.. where were they from.. oh, yes. Liverpool. England is a disgrace.

And then there where this guys, you know, that last year kept hitting each other and burning and putting to war an entire city.. suburbs of paris..ban...ban something.. oh, yep! Banlieu.. France is a disgrace..

and then.. hmm. there were this guys all dressed in white that kept burning churches and black people, possibly together.. but you know what.. I can't remembere where they were from.. could you help me there?


Pah! at nationalisms and racisms.

Idiot, Heysel was more than twenty years ago, whereas yesterday was, umm.. yesterday. Face it, Italian fans are [and everyone knows it outside of Italy] teh worst at the moment. Be proud of it...
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