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Default Re: OT: AS Roma Versus Manchester United Champions League Play Airing Right Now On ES

Well, I didn't quite mean to say that Italy is a disgrace although I"ll tell you right now that I'm not a fan of the politics in Italy and people who had key positions in your government and a lot of other things but what I really meant to say was that a football in Italy is a disgrace, more than a disgrace in fact.

First of all, your fans are by far the worst, especially in Rome although the other parts of countries aren't far behind.
If you know anything about Roma ultras you do know that they're fan of knives. If you know anything about SS Lazio fans and some of their players you know that they're racist scumbags.
In fact, a lot of Italian football fans are racists to start with....if you can even call them football fans or just idiots who know that through football they can do their houligan act.
If you ever been to Rome you can easily separate football fans from normal people.
It's not like there isn't any violence elsewhere but violence in Italy is always a matter.

Besides we all know about corruption and things of that nature that don't only happen in football but since we're talking about football here...

Where else in the world do teams buy championships? Where else do the teams win championships by managers buying games from the ref organization?

There was and still is so much corruption in Italy that it's not even funny.

To put it simply, you have lot of issues.

I mean, people die in the Southern Italy on football matches and the year is 2007.

But it's not just football

Berlusconi basically owns half of the country.

How can a prime minister of such a big country own perhaps the biggest football team in the world, a huge car brand company and most importantly the premium TV networks that clearly helped his propoganda in order to win the elections. When a politician can control the media you know that a lot is wrong.
Unbelieveable. Not to mention all the mafia people that he's been connected to.

There are also things I don't like but they're even more serious so I won't get into it.

As good as Italy is and especially the famous triangle you do have a lot of issues and it's not only football that I'm talking about.

And trust me I know. I need to get into my car and in 5 hours I'm in Trieste where I usually go but Venece and Udine are just around the corner basically. I can also get to Ancona even quciker.

I've been to most parts ot Italy and your country is beautiful but I don't think that you can deny all the issues that you cleary have or had in the very recent past.

There are definitely problems in football and politics all over the world but as a member of the G7 I think Italy definitely stands out.

As for your football style lol.... due parole: Freaking

Anyway, I think you guys need some strict laws or something big in order not to be considered a shame in the world because that's where your football is right now IMO because of fans riots and corruption

A mali estremi estremi rimedi...

Your country doesn't have a good reputation world wide when it comes to football, that much is sure. Do something about it. I think only a drastic law could change things.

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