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Default Re: OT: AS Roma Versus Manchester United Champions League Play Airing Right Now On ES

Originally Posted by orfeomorfeo-ita
Idiot. Judging a population through a small category of people that it includes is such a stupidity that it can only be excused if you're lookin' something to say as a pretext to have a quarrel.
If you want to say that italian fans are bad people, be my guest.. I don't care about football. But judge italian rooters, not italian people, because there's a big difference. Otherwise, as I tried to make clear, everyone should feel authorized to judge US people through the gangsters, the french through the fighters in the banlieus, and so forth.

The fact is that violence is a drug for populations. They seek it, they need it, in any way, with any excuse. US gangsters fight for "da hood", italian ultras fight for the team, hooligans are still feared in any city they may have an excuse to go outside UK, hindis fight for cricket teams..violence is in human DNA, and where education is lacking, it floats up to the surface.

What should be said ain't "italy is a disgrace", but "human race is a disgrace".
That's why I said Italian soccer FANS, and not only Italians. Of course I know that it would be ridiculous to judge an entire population just because of their soccer fans. And I don't care about this because of morality, but because of the potential danger. Italian teams should be excluded from European tournaments until their fans aren't potential murderers and/or they don't need riot police in the stadiums.

I don't have anything against Italians per se...
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