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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by Euroleague
So why the hell have Krstic, Law, Kirilenko, Vaujacic, Weems. etc. all of the NBA players STILL playing their not won the award every week and every month?

Explain that one genius.

The same reason Tiger Woods doesn't win every golf tournament?

What a stupid argument to make.

1. Most of the NBA players returned to the NBA early in the season as the lockout ended.

2. Only ONE other person has won more than one weekly MVP (Mirotic with two), whilst Kristic and Kirilenko have won 3 EACH. Kristic could barely get game time in the NBA.

Face it: NBA >>>> Euroleague. NBA scrubs are tearing up the league.

The Euroleague itself realizes that the NBA is superior, why can't you?

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