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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by GreenChampion
You are a liar and a troll. He never averaged 16/7 (only 16 and 6) and that was in 2006-2007. You are just skewing his stats to make him look respectable.

He has NOT averaged over 10 ppg in 5 years - yet he goes to Euroleague and has found new life (wonder why that could be?). This was with Bostons center issues (Shaq going down) and playing alongside 3 future HoF's (maybe 4). If he can't thrive in this situation, where can he thrive?

And you are right. Kristic and Kirilenko didn't win 3 weekly MVPs each - they won 2 each AND a monthly MVP each. What is better? 2 weekly + 1 monthly or 3 weekly MVPs?

You just try to skew everything to make it suit you.

Ty Lawson was a Euroleague scrub. He won NBA player of the week.

Brandon Jennings was a Euroleague scrub. He won NBA player of the week.

You are retarded.
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