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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW

Yao Ming prepping himself for his Euroleague debut in the locker room.

*"Euroleague is equal level to the NBA as long as I only play in street-clothes on crutches. Had I not shattered my foot from the brutal, highly competitive NBA - things would be different."

*"Yes, of course I can dunk on these 9 foot rims - my crippling Injury doesn't matter, I don't have to jump to dunk anymore"

"It boggles my mind how shooters in this league are as cold as a witches tit yet all they have to do is shoot from 16 feet out to score a 3 pointer."

"The 44 foot court length makes this league makes getting up and down the court no problem with crutches, I'm usually the first one down the floor."

*"How am I supposed to win MVP's when I'm suffocating with laughter as a 5'10 ginger with the wingspan of a T-Rex is tasked with stopping me in the post? That ginger couldn't even dunk on the 9 foot hoop. Euroleague is a joke."


Yao Ming after his first Euroleague game: "NBA is a POS joke compared to the Euroleague. The NBA is a pansy sissy candy ass league. The Euroleague is a man's league."

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