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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12 Playoffs

Originally Posted by Euroleague
This is certainly true. But I am just saying that during the series, Pianigiani was the better coach. To me, Siena is the 2nd best team in Europe at the moment. So it will take a lot for Olympiacos to win them, especially with no home court advantage.

And although Ivkovic is a great coach obviously, so is Pianigiani, so I really do not see any coaching advantage to be honest. Ivkovic is better at drawing up plays for sure, but Pianigiani is better at in game adjustments, and they are both are great at preparing a team. So I don't see a lot of coaching advantage there.
I think Ivkovic is GOAT coach so I also think there is coaching advantage . You forget that Oly players will be more motivated and that they lost only 1 game at home . That means that if they win one in Siena they have big chances of winning 2 at home .
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