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Default Re: EuroLeague Plans Anthony Parker Statue

Originally Posted by linZoMourning
all small guards... coincidence? shitty league perhaps?? all really good players you listed. lawson is having a break out season. gary neal is having one of the best seasons of his career and rubio is lookin mighty fresh to death.

ill go with euroleague being shitty. id love to see some unathletic piece of shit euro players come play these guys and try and guard them in the nba. gary neal didnt have tim duncan behind him in the euro league. lawson didnt have run and gun im sure and rubio didnt have as much freedom. we dont restrict players like bitch trash in the nba like the euroleague does

The NBA simply does not play defense. Yes, you are right. It does not "restrict" the players, because it has no defense.

And numerous "unathletic" Euroleague players have shined in the NBA. You must be a novice NBA fan, that's about 10 years old.

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