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Default Re: ESPN: Official Peyton Manning Will Not Return to Colts

Originally Posted by Carbine
I think it's going to come down to the Jets or Miami, with KC being a legit dark horse.

If he wants to go to the best team, it's probably KC....and they're only going to get better because most if not all of their key players are on the right side of 30.

Jets followed by Miami.

Though I think it's about 50 percent he goes to Miami, 35 percent the Jets an 15 KC.
there is 0.0% chance he goes to the Jets. When we had "the manning bowl" he got pissed EVERY time he was asked about Eli. If he comes to the Jets, the media here will do that every game. What did Eli do? What did Peyton do? Who was better? He's also been angry on Eli's behalf from the media - he had no tolerance for it.

He's not coming to the Jets. I think Miami, i think Houston is the best fit but i don't think they'll throw their hat in. I think Arizona, KC, etc. make some sense. But between the weather, the mess they are in right now, and the fact he is trying to avoid Eli, the Jets make no sense at all.
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