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Default Re: ESPN: Official Peyton Manning Will Not Return to Colts

Originally Posted by Carbine
Arizona isn't a good fit though. They are YOUNG. Too young. None of their players have playoff experience except for a couple of them.

Yes, they have Fitzgerald, but who else? Who is their tight end? Who is their second and slot receivers? Who is protecting Manning on the edges?

Not a good fit. At all.
  1. They have plenty of players with playoff experience.
  2. Their tight end is Todd Heap former Baltimore Raven. Jeff King is the backup. Rob Housler is 3rd string, is a good catcher and is more of a receiving tight end with good potential.
  3. Their second receiver would probably be Wayne who Manning would want to bring with him. Their slot would be Early Doucet who does have some playoff experience.
  4. Who would protect Manning is up for grabs at this point, I expect the Cardinals to make O-line their biggest priority in the draft.

Why the Cardinals are perfect for Manning:
  • Got 9 guaranteed dome-stadium games a year(11 next year)
  • Arguably the best WR in the whole league to throw to
  • A coaching staff who has experience in working with veteran QBs(Kurt Warner super bowl run)
  • Familiar faces(Manning is friends with Larry Fitz and plays golf with coach Ken Wisenhunt
  • 2 Beastly Young Runningbacks With Loads Of Potential(Beanie Wells has already shown he's a monster when healthy)
  • An up-and-coming defense that has gotten REALLY good over the course of last year(In the second half of the season they were arguably a top 5 defense... and had the best 3rd down defense in the whole league for the whole year)
  • A weak, wide-open division that should be up for grabs
  • Great weather, and Eli Manning has a house in AZ

You'd be crazy to think AZ isn't a good fit for Manning.

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