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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

People who are against Mike Brown on this board act like the triangle offense is the only way to win championships.

Mike Brown was learning under guys like Gregg, and Carlisle, who finally won his first championship last year. I would completely trust Mike Brown's system knowing he's had the proper mentors who are proven winners.

When you have guys like Kobe and Pau on a team, you really don't need to worry much about the offense. That will come through when these guys keep playing together. What this team really needed was a defensive minded coach.

MJ(Mean John)

Did you see how terrible Rambis was as a coach? Did you see how minnesota on a daily basis was getting blown out?

People need to realize it isn't about the system, it's about the coach's motivational techniques.

This is why Phil was such a great coach. Not because X's and O's. It was the fact he brought the best out of players. Odom thrived with Phil as coach, Ron had some great games that helped us. Phil even made Kwame play like a star for half a season.

Guess what guys? Phil ain't coming back. There is never going to be another coach like him ever. Whether you get Adelman or anyone else. This team is going to have to win a championship the "hard" way. With some other coach.
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