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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
And by the way,

what the hell is "eye-on-basketball-blogs" ?

I've never even HEARD of that source until now. really don't know much about sources do you???
CBS sports IS have heard of CBS haven't know, they're a national television network

This article was very light compared to the many sources that said the team was turning on Brown......Ramona Shelburne being one.....but maybe you never heard of her either

John Ireland......but maybe you never heard of him either

Wow the extent of your puckering up to the incompetent has no limit.......and no reality balancing system does it. Next you'll tell me that Fish and Blake are better least 1 other PG combo in the NBA

Wake up bro......wake up!!!!!!!! Wake the FK up

Edit: Don't make me have to come back on here and explain what ESPN

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